Intro To Dichroic Glass Fusing


Intro to Dichroic Glass Fusing

3 hours
Brilliantly eye catching, dichroic glass glimmers from every angle. Students will be introduced to the process of fusing, handling and cutting glass. A variety of glass will be provided for students to build their own pieces to be used as desired. Pieces will be fused in a kiln at the end of the class and ready for pick up the next day. All glass tools will be provided for use.


Some tools will be provided by the instructor. Please refer to your registration.
  • Tool Glass Cutter

    Glass Cutter

    Steel wheel for the purpose of scoring glass in the process of cutting.
  • Metal Ruler

    6" metal ruler is preferred unless otherwise noted. A larger one will also work, however, it may be a little cumbersome.
  • Tool Running Pliers

    Running Pliers

    Pliers used to "break" glass during the process of cutting.
  • Tool Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses

    Protective Eye wear – All drilling classes require that you wear some sort of safety glasses. Will your eyeglasses be enough? This is a personal decision. Some students prefer to wear only their prescription glasses while others wear goggles over their glasses. These may be found in any hardware store.
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