About Me

Why I do what I do...

I have an insatiable need to share my knowledge with the people around me. I love to share everything I know how to do, from teaching kindergarteners how to save money as a Junior Achievement volunteer to teaching friends how to make Vietnamese food in my kitchen to my passion for jewelry making. I can't help myself. I do only things I love and believe in, and sharing my passions is the ultimate reward.

The Things I Do...

Kieu and Andy
Since 2009 my husband Andy and I have worked to integrate my teaching with our business The Urban Beader . Together we strive to produce quality, innovative products for the jewelry crafting industry. Creating a work/life balance has become central to our lifestyle. Though we both love our work we strive to create a life beyond our work. Travel is not only part our business but has become our passion. We love to see different things, and meeting people from every end of the earth. We have come to not only love the sites we are visiting but many of the people we have met along our journey. You can follow along our many adventures on my travel blog.

New Adventures Online

In the spring of 2020 everything changed, not only for me but the entire world. The Covid 19 pandemic would turn everything we felt was normal upside down. In this strange new world we were all faced with a decision, sit back and hope that we can return our regularly scheduled lives or take the bull by the horns and start adjusting and direct our own paths.

I am sure it would not come as a surprise for those who know me that I would choose to take the latter path. For me it was an opportunity to pursue an idea that had been in my head for more than a year. I never thought that the shutdown of a country would be the impetus of a new career.

Armed with a webcam, a laptop and some ideas I jumped in, dragging Andy with me. As a team we worked through the kinks (still working) to put out content as quickly as we could. And though it is still a work in progress and much fine tuning yet, you can find me on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Zoom.

Still in the middle of the pandemic even as I am writing this, I do not know where this will take us, how long I can keep up this pace or even what will happen when my travels start up again. All I know is that we are doing the best that we can to generate what income we can. We do know that everything is uncertain, nothing will be as it once was but we are going to make the best of it. The mantra for my life now is Fluidity.

See you online!

OnLine Classes

Oh, and there are the books...

In November 2013 I checked off one of my bucket list items, I always wanted to be an author. Yup, I completed a book (Hot & Cold Jewelry Connections) and it was published by Kalmach Publications. I never thought this would be the first that book I would have published, but I'll take it. After all, there is plenty of time for more. Right?

And I guess, there was, because in the winter of 2020 the second book (Minimal Metal Jewelry) will be released.  It took a few years to be greenlighted because no one understood my concept. But I believed in it and kept pitching until I found someone who understood my vision.

As with the first book, my twin sister lent her photography expertise and together we were able to present a visually appealing book. 

Hot & Cold Jewelry Connections

Hot and Cold Jewelry Connections

Intended for the beginner, these hot and cold options help jewelry makers understand how to evaluate and choose the right technique for their designs to achieve the perfect results.For your own copy, order HERE.

Minimal Metal Jewelry

Getting started in jewelry making can be daunting. This book shows the reader how using minimal materials, two gauges of wire and two sizes of jump rings, you can create and endless number of projects. Pre-order your own signed and personalized copy HERE.
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