Upcoming Events


It is hard to predict what will happen in the coming months, all we can do is plan and hope that it works out. In the meantime we ask for your patience as none of us can see the future, we can only do our best. These events have been posted with best of intentions and much hope of success. There is not much more I can say except to thank everyone for their understanding. (Oh, and it is a mess because I just don't know how to list the events. Sorry)

If you are sheltering in place and are looking for something fun to do, check out the on-line videos that I have been doing. Because when life gives you lemons...we make videos and take a selfie! haha

Date to be announced (moving to Zoom)

Vienna, VA


July 24 - 26, 2021 (on-line)

Denver, CO 

Aug. 6 - 9, 2020

Mineral Point, WI  

Nov. 7 - 8, 2020

Oaks, PA 

January 15 -18, 2021

Landsdale, PA

Cancelled 2020

Milwaukee, WI


Cedar Falls, IA

July 7 - 10, 2021

Fish Creek, WI

Postponed until Mar. 2021. Date will be posted soon. 

Santa Fe, NM

Postponed until further notice 

Platte City, MO

Postponed until further notice

Las Vegas, NV



Oaks, PA  

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