Patina Palooza

Patina Palooza


Level: Beginner        Sessions: 1        Hours: 3 hours

Project Overview

No one has time to wait for metal to patina naturally. In this class we will hasten the process by exploring eight different techniques to colorize metal using commercially available patinas and non-toxic patinas you can find in your kitchen. After we have created a patina we will use several different methods to seal your metal to preserve the colors you have created.  Then I will show you have to reverse the process if  the color you created turn out to your liking.


  • Tool Disc Cutter

    Disc Cutter – Used to punch discs out of metals. One set will be provided to share in every class. 

  • Student Files – Standard size is 2/o. For filing metal. . Instructor will provide to share for every class needed.