Intro to Fusing Dichroic Glass

Intro to Fusing Dichroic Glass


Level: Beginner/All levels       Sessions: 1        Hours: 3 hours

Project Overview

Brilliantly eye catching, dichroic glass glimmers from every angle. Students will be introduced to the process of fusing, handling and cutting glass. A variety of glass will be provided for students to build their own pieces to be used as desired. Pieces will be fused in a kiln at the end of the class and ready for pick up the next day. All glass tools will be provided for use.



  • Tool Glass Cutter

    Glass Cutter –Steel wheel for the purpose of scoring glass in the process of cutting.

  • Tool Running Pliers

    Running Pliers – Pliers used to "break" glass during the process of cutting.

  • Tool Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses – any kind will work, if you are comfortable using just your glasses for eye protection that is a personal choice.