How to make a Wood Wedge

A wood wedge is a great tool to use for ring making. It is designed to hold your mandrel in place while you are forming the shank. Here is an inexpensive approach to making your own. 

Wood may be purchased at any of the local hardware/lumber stores. If you are only making one, I suggest you ask on of the guys there for a piece of scrap. More than likely they will give it to you! woohoo.

Here is a video

If you would let me do the work, you may order one at The Urban Beader.

What you will need

9-12", 2x4 piece of wood 

Table saw



Set your saw at the desired legnth. (9") Trim your 2x4 to size.  Adjust the height to 1.5". 
Cut from both sides at 43 degrees.